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Phare is a community, a mission, and a revolution. The idea for Phare was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. We were inspired by organizations who were providing accessible counselling to frontline and essential workers. But it made us realize that the way people typically access counselling just doesn’t work. People aren’t getting the help they need because of high costs, long waitlists, and confusing processes. Together, we’re going to change that. We created a new sustainable system that removes the barriers of access and focuses on what really matters: improving mental health for everyone.
Hey, world. We are Phare. We are on a mission to make mental health more accessible, inclusive, and fair for everyone by offering pay what feels fair and pay it forward counselling rates. Here are few things we believe in: 1) Matching people with the right counsellors; 2) Creating a better mental healthcare system; 3) Taking care of ourselves and each other. Here are a few things we don’t believe in: 1) Long wait times for counselling; 2) Putting financial barriers on therapy; 3) The status quo. If you’re looking for a counsellor, we can help. Learn more on our website – link in bio!